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Residential: Co-Ed for Ages: 17-26 
Outpatient Therapy: Adolescents and Young Adults

The Leader's Path program specifically targets High-Potential Young Adults that have failed to meet expectations of independence and academic success. In the TLP program students find success and confidence through structured experiences geared toward the development of Independence.
Focus is on:  Clinical Therapy, Executive Functioning Skill Development, Social Skill Development, and Academic Success. 

natsap logoCommon Referrals are failure-to-launch young adults at home or directly from residential programs with clients that have diagnoses of: Asperger's, NLD, ADHD, EF dysfunction, Concussion, and dual-diagnosis clients that are committed sobriety. 


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Article: What is Sensory Processing (Integration)?

Article: Best Practices in Assessment.  Gandhi, PV (2013)

Article: Therapeutic Assessment.  Gandhi, PV and VanDyke, J (2012)

Article: Theory of Executive Functioning Competency Development, Skill Development Guide. Gandhi, PV (2013)

Handout:  Concussion Information Sheet

Handout: The Concussion Recovery Pamplett. Gandhi, PV (2011)

Article: How to get an IEP

Article: Ventrolateral Pre-Frontal Cortex and Executive Function, Strategic Planning.