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Payment for Services

The NADC does not bill insurance as a primary means of payment. Clients are responsible for payment of fees at the time of service. We provide clients with a statement that contains all the information they need to submit for reimbursement from their insurer.

Charges for assessment include: testing, interviews, scoring of tests, report writing, feedback, and travel when necessary. Once feedback is completed with the client and family, we will create an action plan to be sure that the recommendations are followed. This may include advocacy with schools or employers.

  • Charges can vary depending on the scope of the evaluation.   
  • Decreased fees may be available for students or those in financial distress.   
  • Please contact us with your specific needs and we will contact you with an estimate of the cost. 

Charges for therapy and coaching depend on the provider and type of therapy. Please contact us for more information.

About Managed Care and Insurance Panels
We realize that many clients may first try to find insurance benefits to cover services. We have found that most insurances do not pay for these types of services or they pay very poorly. This is why so few highly experienced providers of mental health services are willing to serve as providers for managed health care.

Having a neurological reason for evaluation such as ADHD, concussion, brain injury, hypoxia, damage, disease, suspected genetic disorder or learning disability, or change-in-functioning is the most likely reason for reimbursement. 
Insurance companies may reimburse neuropsychological evaluations if they deem that it is medically necessary to clarify diagnosis or treatment regime, but not usually for academic difficulties. Chances of getting reimbursed for the fee are increased with a prescription from a medical doctor (for a "Neuropsychological Evaluation") to determine the extent and specific nature of cognitive problems that have been noticed in the doctor's exam.

The CPT code for a neuropsychological evaluation is 96118. If the client pursues a pre-authorization of benefits for a neuropsychological evaluation, use only the term "neuropsychological evaluation". 

The following CPT codes may be paid through the medical portion of an insurance plan: 96118, 96150, 96151, 96152, 96153, 96154, 96155, 97532.