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Educational and Placement Consultants

Educational consultants are professionals that specialize in knowing about alternative programs for families that need assistance with students. These consultants have a vast knowledge of the available resources both locally and nationally. They are advocates for the client and work with therapists and psychologists to develop treatment plans to ensure the best possible outcome. 
If you are unsure about what to do with your struggling child, you will benefit from speaking with an educational consultant and get the peace of mind that comes from choosing the right program or school. There are many program choices available with varying levels of credibility and capability. Each program has unique offerings. Proper placement will save money and precious time because mistakes are avoided in placement and treatment. Educational consultants are experts in knowing the specifics about these programs and acting as advocates for their clients. During the process of placement and treatment, consultants work with therapists and testers to gather information. These three professionals work as a team for the best possible placement.
We have worked with many consultants across the country and recommend any of the following highly.  

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Certified Education Planners (CEPs) vary by degrees, education, certificates, and experience so we recommend you take the time to visit their websites. We trust and recommend any of the following placement consultants.  
The following list are consultants that we have had the prividge of working with and know well (not advertisements).


Nancy Masland                     Tucson, AZ                          
Judge Mason                        Sedona, AZ                         
Susan Trueblood                  Scottsdale, AZ                     


Susan Miltner                       Davis, CA                      
Lexy Spett                           San Francisco, CA          
Virginia Reiss                       Larkspur, CA                   
Larry Stednitz                      Northern CA                    
Mark Burdick                       Los Angeles, CA               


Kelly Ryan                             Aurora, CO                     
Rob Meltzer                           Westminster, CO             
Rebecca Grappo                     Denver, CO                     
Sandy Furth                          Golden, CO                     
Linda Cain                             Boulder, CO                    



Jeremy McGeorge                  Westport, CT               
Rick Dickson                          New Canaan, CT           
Marcia Rubenstein                 Hartford, CT                 


Martha Moses                         Miami, FL                       
Janet Greenwood               Tampa, FL
Judi Robinovitz      Boca Raton, FL


Christie Theriot Woodfin          Atlanta, GA                    


Andrew Bryan                         Boise, ID                       
Lon Woodbury                        Bonners Ferry, ID          
Loi Eberle                               Naples, ID                     


Gwynne Hales                         Winnetka, IL                  


David Gold, Ph.D                     Columbia, MD           
Ellen Heard                             Kensington, MD         


Marilyn Engelman                   Auburndale, MA           
Eileen Antalek                         Westborough, MA        
Leslie Goldberg                       Braintree, MA              
Midge Lipkin                           New Seabury, MA         



Connie Wood                            Troy, MI                              


Russell Hyken                            St. Louis, MO             
Chris White                               Brentwood, MO          

New Jersey

James Roche                             Lincoln Park, NJ          

New Hampshire

Marylou Marcus                         Peterborough, NH        

New York 


Holly Treat                                 New York, NY            
Steve Bozak                               Clifton Park, NY         

Maureen Brennan                   

   New York, NY         
Betsy Grigoriu                            Ithaca, NY             
Steve Migden                             New York, NY          

North Carolina

John Huie                                 Ashevile, NC          


Andy Erkis                                Columbus, OH         


Deborah Thomason                   Portland, OR            
Patricia Phelan                           Portland, OR          
Ann Locke Davidson                  Portland, OR            


Jody Dobson                            Philadelphia, PA        


Ann Montgomery                     Houston, TX           
Londa May                               Houston, TX         
Lindy Kahn                              Houston, TX         
Chris Kocurek                          Dallas, TX               

Scott Canter     Austin, TX  


Sarah Finney                    Salt Lake City, UT      


Ben Mason                       Burlington, VT               
Josh Doyle    Burlington, VT


Amy Aldrich                   Seattle , WA                     
Kristin Cajer-Kline          Bellevue, WA                    
Dana Dean Doerring       Seattle, WA                      


Judith Besette               Nashotah, WI