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Psychological testing always happens a critical time that is often marked by chaos and anxiety. We are grateful to have worked with well over 1000 families since 2004. It is the combination of effort from clients, family, and providers that lead to successful outcomes.

  • "You are a wonderful resource to students that need more than tutoring. Your neuropsychological evaluations consistently identify the important issues for them and give practical recommendations for remediating any problem areas. Your help has been very valuable to our families who really want their students to thrive in the academic environment in which many find or will find themselves. Even though there are significant resources spent identifying and helping families understand the opportunities ahead, it is well worth the time and expense. Our families always come back and report a great experience for themselves and their students. If parents implement the recommendations from your evaluations they always see progress from their student."
    - L. Haslam, Executive Director, Sylvan Learning Center
  • "Very Professional. Thank you for your communication on this case. We have found the client does indeed need services and will follow up on your recommendations."
    - Disabilities Coordinator at an Ivy League University
  • "Excellent work with Sam. This was such a complicated case and you were able to tease out the neurological problems that contributed to his learning issues. Despite several previous assessments, no one was able to give such a clear understanding of what was wrong and what would help."
    - Educational Consultant from Maryland
  • "The IHO [judge] stated several times that the school district did not provide Liz a Free Appropriate Public Education (FAPE). He also agreed with you and made it thoroughly clear that it was the school district’s responsibility to make an effort to work with the parents and that the school district was unwilling to work with the parents, not vice versa. We won on all points and were ruled the “prevailing party”. We know that your report and awesome testimony helped everyone in this effort to make the appropriate decisions. We felt your strength and support the whole time and knew we could draw on it when we needed it. We wouldn’t have made it without you!!!!!!"
    - Parents (educators) of 17yo in Denver, CO
  • "Your communication and work process is very impressive. It was an extremely stressful time. From start to finish, we were kept in the loop appropriately and the [feedback] delivery was way more than expected. I would hire you if I could. Thank you." 
    - Father (CEO) of a 15yo in a Wilderness Treatment Program from Boston, MA
  • "10 days. That is how long it took for the neuropsychologist to complete the report after seeing our client and only one week after making an appointment. Our local psychologists were booked out 4 months and they said it would probably take another month to get a report. We got the information we needed immediately." 
    Injury Lawyer in San Clemente, CA
  • "Since you were at the Aspen Institute, we have been so impressed by your work and your great care when giving feedback to clients. It is an emotional time and you manage the multi-disciplinary team feedback with ease. Your stability brings sanity to parents that are struggling to understand."
    - Therapist and Clinical Director, Residential Treatment Center,  Utah